Forget Freezing: 5 Ways to Stay Warm on Your Walk to Class

  1. Learn shortcuts through building: Almost all campus buildings are unlocked when you are likely walking to class, so start walking through them. Many of the buildings have clear paths through the main level that you can cut through. Even if it takes a few minutes longer, I personally would rather take a few extra minutes in a warm building over freezing in the cold or slipping on the ice outside.University Hall Snow
  2. Learn to knit (or make a friend who is great at knitting): Rather than having to use your precious paycheck to buy scarves, beanies, and gloves, why not learn to make them yourself? Make all your friends jealous with the many different colored beanies and scarves you have to go with every outfit. Plus, a bright colored beanie or scarf might be just what you need to brighten up a cold, dreary walk to your 8 a.m. class across campus.Yarn
  3. Take a bus: You’ve probably heard this time and time again, but CABS buses are free to use, so why not utilize them? If you don’t have the OSU Mobile App, make sure to get it to keep track of bus times. After a few trips you will likely learn exactly how many minutes it takes you to get from your dorm room to the closest bus stop. Once you figure that out, you can minimize how long you have to stand in the cold waiting for the bus if you have the app on your phone. CABS bus
  4. Layers, layers, layers! Don’t forget to wear layers so you don’t overheat when you get to class. Even though it may be annoying at first to practically have to undress when you get to class, just realize everyone else is in the same boat and it is better to take off a few layers when you get there than to freeze outside or burn up inside.Ohio Snow
  5. Run Forrest Run! Let’s face it, when that wind is blowing and there is no bus around, some days you are just going to have to bear the cold and get to class. But just remember on those days to leave a few minutes early so you have plenty of time once you arrive to class to get the feeling back into your hands and face to be ready and prepared for class to start. Nobody wants to be the one who walks in late with a bright red face from the cold and interrupts class as they struggle to take off all their jackets, scarves, and gloves. Walk in Snow Meme