5 ways Ohio State is changing this fall

Ohio State will look and feel a bit different when you return to campus in August.

Classes start on Tuesday

For years, the first day of autumn classes has always been Wednesday, but the autumn 2015 semester will begin on Tuesday, August 25 in order to accommodate a new calendar that now includes an autumn break (see below). Many Welcome Week events–like the Student Involvement Fair and the President’s Convocation–will still occur in the days before classes begin, but you will likely see other Welcome Week events moved to different days to accommodate the earlier start date. Check the Welcome Week website later this summer for an up-to-date listing of 2015 events and opportunities.

Autumn break

Students and faculty will have two days off from classes–October 15-16–giving many the opportunity for a long weekend in the middle of the semester. In addition to starting classes one day earlier, the term will also extend one day later in order to accommodate this mid-semester break. Classes will end on Wednesday, December 7 and final exams will begin on Friday, December 9. The university’s academic calendar includes future autumn break dates through autumn 2019.

North residential district transformation

Four new residence halls on North Campus–Scott House, Torres House, Bowen House, and Raney House–are expected to open this fall, accommodating nearly 1,800 additional students living on campus. Two new dining facilities will serve students on North Campus: Traditions at Scott and Curl Market. Additional facilities are expected to open by autumn 2016 in order to accommodate both first- and second-year students with the university’s new 2-year on-campus living requirement. Follow the progress and get updates at the what’s growing on? website.

Dining plans

Beginning this summer, new plans offered through University Dining Services allow students to choose the option that best fits their lifestyle, eating habits and personal needs. Most plans include a combination of weekly traditional visits, $5 exchange (which allows students to exchange a traditional visit for a $5 purchase at any non-traditional dining location, or for a “Market Meal Exchange” at Ohio Union Market, Marketplace and Curl Market), Dining Dollars (similar to BuckID cash, but used only in dining facilities at a 10% discount; rolls over until graduation), and Buck ID cash.

Bike sharing

Ohio State is partnering with Zagster to bring a bike-sharing system to the Columbus campus, enabling students to navigate campus and surrounding neighborhoods via a one hour checkout on weekdays and three hours on weekends. This initiative fulfills a request by Undergraduate Student Government to have a bike-sharing program in place by fall. Zagster currently operates programs at Yale University, Princeton University, Santa Clara University and California State University, East Bay.

We are excited about these great changes taking place, and we hope you are, too–it’s a great time to be a Buckeye!

23 Things to do on the Weekend!

Whether your personal definition of the weekend is a traditional Saturday-Sunday affair, or a liberal Friday (even Thursday) to Monday morning, everyone needs something to work toward during the week; Ohio State and Columbus hardly lack in activities, festivities and general fun for the weekend. My name is Alex and here are my favorite things to do:


1) Study: Let’s be honest, that midterm isn’t going to study for itself. I like to set aside a little time from my weekend to get down to business and get ahead in my classes.

(suggested background music)

2) Hang out: Going to class with friends is great, but make sure to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

3) Athletic events: The feeling around campus on game day is pure SCARLET AND GREY ENERGY. Breakout your Buckeye attire and face paint because the Bucks are about to win!

4) Concerts: Whether it’s a free OUAB concert or a performance at the LC Pavilion or the Newport Music Hall, Columbus is a favorite stop on some of the best tours.


5) Thurman Café: This famous burger café has delicious monster burgers (including the Thurmanator) and is located German Village.

6) Melt: Just a short bus ride or walk into the Short North, this restaurant has an amazing assortment of delectable sandwiches.

7) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: World-famous Jeni’s Ice Cream is available on campus!  However, I think visiting the shop in the Short North is well worth the trip.

8) Piada: For all you Chipotle fanatics, just imagine Chipotle but for pasta!

9) Northstar Café: With several locations, Northstar is my personal favorite for great food and organic options.

10) North Market: Right by the Convention Center, the North Market hosts many independent vendors and food from around the world.

11) Tai’s Asian Bistro: Talk about more bang for your buck, when I order their Pad Tai, it lasts me for days!

12) Union Café (not the one on campus): If you are looking for a great brunch, pop on in for some tasty breakfast food!

13) Surly Girl: Located close to campus in the Short North, Surly Girl offers great comfort food.

14) Katalina’s: Three words. Nutella Pancake Balls.

15) Figlio: If you are looking for pizza and pasta, Figlio in Grandview is a great place to eat!


16) Scioto Audubon Metro Park: This Columbus park has an outdoor rock climbing wall!

17) CoGo BikesNo bike, no problem. CoGo is a bike share program so you can bike the Columbus trails.

18) Columbus Crew: So maybe you’re not playing on the field, but come cheer on Columbus’s very own professional soccer team. Check out student discount tickets at D-Tix.

19)  Run the Trails: The Olentangy Trail stretches alongside the river. This is a perfect place for long runs and bike rides.

20) Relax on the Oval: It’s nice to actually stop and smell the roses (or grass) once in a while.

21) CoSi: You might nerd out a bit, but CoSi isn’t just for kids. This interactive science museum is a blast for all ages.

IV. THINGS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER (but are easy to forget)

22) Call home: Let’s face it, there are times where you may miss home during your first year. Make a point of calling those good friends or family members when you’re thinking of them, they’ll appreciate it.

23) Sleep: You’ve earned it. Although you may not want to spend your whole weekend catching up on sleep, it’s healthy to take time to rest. Work on creating a healthy sleep schedule, so you can use your weekends to build relationships and have adventures!

Check in on July 7 (orientation day 25) when Nikki will write about The 25 Tweets You Might Post During Your First Year.