Top 5 Songs from Freshman Year

Everyone has those songs that take them back to a certain time and place. These songs take me back to room 1256 in Taylor Tower circa 2013 (this was before the North Residential District Project, just imagine North Campus without all of the construction–crazy, huh?) and sharing deejay duties with my roommates. For better or worse, these are the songs that will forever remind me of my #new2osu days and my freshman year.

“Thrift Shop” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz

My roommate was obsessed with Macklemore, so this song could often be heard playing in our room. Whether you love or hate this song, you have to admit that it is catchy and can easily be stuck in your head for hours. It managed to be named Billboard’s #1 hottest song in 2013. I’m still not sure what all the lyrics mean, but hey, who doesn’t want to “wear your granddad’s clothes” while looking incredible?

“We Can’t Stop” Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was having a moment my freshman year. She left her Hannah Montana days behind her (sadly) and smashed into the pop music scene “like a wrecking ball.” Her VMA performance with Robin Thicke and that foam finger was a hot topic of discussion around campus for two straight weeks.

“Cruise” Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly

I absolutely LOVE this song, probably because of my obsession Nelly (I may or may not know every word to “Grillz” and “Air Force Ones”). It’s such a feel good song and when you add NELLY to the track it makes it that much better. This was one of the first times, and arguably the most successful time, that two completely different genres were combined to produce a top hit.

“Counting Stars” OneRepublic

OneRepublic makes my list due to their free concert at the Schottenstein Center that was absolutely amazing! I went to the concert mostly because my friends wanted to go, but I left a OneRepublic fan. “Counting Stars” really hit it big (I like to believe that my roommate playing it at least 100,000 times helped) on the charts and in the hearts of Ohio State students.

“Story of My Life” One Direction

I had to include at least one of my boy band favs, so this choice is extremely biased. This song was released my freshman year and is still probably my all time favorite 1D song (their new album, Made in the A.M. dropped today though, so this may/probably will change because this is their best album yet). Nothing creates a bond between people as instantaneously as talk about a boy band; I have debated the best parts of the “Story of My Life” music video with many people and made quite a few friends doing it. Reminiscing on my freshmen year is not complete without this song!

Ask anyone and I am sure they can think of at least one song that defines their freshmen year of college. What songs will be on your list? I have a feeling that Shut Up and Dance may make your list because it definitely defines my summer of orientation with y’all!