23 Things to do on the Weekend!

Whether your personal definition of the weekend is a traditional Saturday-Sunday affair, or a liberal Friday (even Thursday) to Monday morning, everyone needs something to work toward during the week; Ohio State and Columbus hardly lack in activities, festivities and general fun for the weekend. My name is Alex and here are my favorite things to do:


1) Study: Let’s be honest, that midterm isn’t going to study for itself. I like to set aside a little time from my weekend to get down to business and get ahead in my classes.

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2) Hang out: Going to class with friends is great, but make sure to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

3) Athletic events: The feeling around campus on game day is pure SCARLET AND GREY ENERGY. Breakout your Buckeye attire and face paint because the Bucks are about to win!

4) Concerts: Whether it’s a free OUAB concert or a performance at the LC Pavilion or the Newport Music Hall, Columbus is a favorite stop on some of the best tours.


5) Thurman Café: This famous burger café has delicious monster burgers (including the Thurmanator) and is located German Village.

6) Melt: Just a short bus ride or walk into the Short North, this restaurant has an amazing assortment of delectable sandwiches.

7) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: World-famous Jeni’s Ice Cream is available on campus!  However, I think visiting the shop in the Short North is well worth the trip.

8) Piada: For all you Chipotle fanatics, just imagine Chipotle but for pasta!

9) Northstar Café: With several locations, Northstar is my personal favorite for great food and organic options.

10) North Market: Right by the Convention Center, the North Market hosts many independent vendors and food from around the world.

11) Tai’s Asian Bistro: Talk about more bang for your buck, when I order their Pad Tai, it lasts me for days!

12) Union Café (not the one on campus): If you are looking for a great brunch, pop on in for some tasty breakfast food!

13) Surly Girl: Located close to campus in the Short North, Surly Girl offers great comfort food.

14) Katalina’s: Three words. Nutella Pancake Balls.

15) Figlio: If you are looking for pizza and pasta, Figlio in Grandview is a great place to eat!


16) Scioto Audubon Metro Park: This Columbus park has an outdoor rock climbing wall!

17) CoGo BikesNo bike, no problem. CoGo is a bike share program so you can bike the Columbus trails.

18) Columbus Crew: So maybe you’re not playing on the field, but come cheer on Columbus’s very own professional soccer team. Check out student discount tickets at D-Tix.

19)  Run the Trails: The Olentangy Trail stretches alongside the river. This is a perfect place for long runs and bike rides.

20) Relax on the Oval: It’s nice to actually stop and smell the roses (or grass) once in a while.

21) CoSi: You might nerd out a bit, but CoSi isn’t just for kids. This interactive science museum is a blast for all ages.

IV. THINGS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER (but are easy to forget)

22) Call home: Let’s face it, there are times where you may miss home during your first year. Make a point of calling those good friends or family members when you’re thinking of them, they’ll appreciate it.

23) Sleep: You’ve earned it. Although you may not want to spend your whole weekend catching up on sleep, it’s healthy to take time to rest. Work on creating a healthy sleep schedule, so you can use your weekends to build relationships and have adventures!

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