The Hidden Gems of Ohio State Classes

All colleges at Ohio State give students the opportunity to take General Education courses, commonly known as GEs. Some students will spread out these classes over their entire college career, and some will get many of them done in the same semester; either way, you will often hear students talk about how much they dislike their GEs. I am here to tell you that GEs are awesome! You can take so many interesting, intellectually stimulating, fun classes! Here are some of the amazing classes you can find here at Ohio State!

EARTHSC 1151: Natural Hazards – Occurrence and cause of earthquakes, volcanoes, and related hazards, and impact on climate, society, and history.

DANCE 3401: Dance in Popular Culture – Popular dance in the United States, with an emphasis on how movement constructs identity and community. (You only actually try to dance a few times) PL Libby’s pick

GERMAN 3252: The Holocaust in German Literature and Film — Reading, analysis, and discussion of representative works pertaining to the Holocaust from the perspective of German literature and film. Taught in English

HDFS 2367: American Family Issues – Critically examine family and related community issues. PL Kayla’s pick for her second writing course

HISTART 2901: Introduction to World Cinema—Chronological survey of the most influential and recognized film artists and film movements of the world.

FDSCTE 1110: Chocolate Science — Introduction to science and business of chocolate. Students develop and market a chocolate product as part of a virtual company. Students taste commercial products.

ARTEDUC 2367.03: Criticizing Television – A critical analysis of a wide variety of television programs through viewing, discussing, readying and writing. PL Julie’s pick

ARTSSCI 4870:  The Ohio State University: Its History and Its World — An introduction to the past and present of Ohio State, its importance, its disciplines, the interrelations of the academic and other components of the institution, and the contributions over the years of Ohio State to the wider world

SOCIOL 2210: Sociological Aspects of Deviance – Study of the definition, identification, treatment, and control of types of legal, moral, and status deviance, such as crimes, mental illness, alcoholism, and other individual pathologies.

EDUTL 2368: Introduction to Children’s Literature – Students study the historical and contemporary elements of literature intended for children, including picture books; traditional tales; novels of realism, and fantasy; nonfiction; poetry; and multicultural books.