Your Next Halloween Costume

The Conversation Starters

1)   Fortune Teller: Here’s a great way to introduce yourself: “Would like me to read your fortune?” A fortune teller costume is easy and original! Head scarf, sparkly top, a long skirt and maybe even a shawl. Gold jewelry is the perfect accessory. Have a few fortunes ready for a fantastic conversation starter.

2)   Futurama Cast: “You like Futurama? So do I!” Boys, Fry is easy to copy with a simple red jacket, white shirt and blue jeans. However, Zoidberg would be more interesting, complete with the doctor’s garb and tentacles over the mouth. For girls, Leela’s outfit is defined by her purple hair (wig is necessary) and singular eye (use string and a paper to cover your eyes with one large one – eye holes are convenient). The white tank top, black pants and black boots are easy to put together. For an added special touch, a gray gun would make the costume look cool and authentic. (Don’t like Futurama? How about Amy from the Big Bang Theory or a doctor from Grey’s Anatomy?)

3)   Minions: Everyone thinks these guys are adorable. This unisex costume can easily be created with jeans, a yellow shirt, and black suspenders. The eyes can either be done with big glasses or you could put those chemistry goggles to use outside of the lab. Don’t forget to talk in gibberish!

4)   More Ideas: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miley Cyrus, bird watchers, Flo from Progressive Insurance.

For the Last Minute Costume

1)   Scooby Doo characters: Boys, this one is simple. For Fred, wear a white T-shirt, blue jeans and red scarf around your neck — you can likely borrow the scarf from a neighbor or friend. A magnifying glass would also take this costume the extra mile. Another option is Shaggy. A hunter green shirt and brown pants are not too hard to come by, and they make the perfect Shaggy outfit. Girls, Daphne and Velma can be a little more tricky. But, if you have a purple dress or red pleated skirt and orange sweater, you’re golden.

2)   Where’s Waldo?: A unisex classic costume that never gets old. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, some thick black-rimmed glasses, jeans and a red hat. Super easy and fun, and your friends will know where you are all night!

3)   Wednesday Addams: Her creepy sense of humor is as easy to copy as her outfit. Just put together a white button-down shirt underneath a black dress (long sleeve is preferable). Black dresses are easily re-worn, so this costume won’t go to waste. Pair it with black shoes and braids.

4)   More Ideas: Risky Business, artist

Kids’ Costumes, All Grown Up

1)   Mary Poppins: Make a Disney classic come to life! Dress this costume up with a white T-shirt, red bow tie, navy blue skirt and red belt. Don’t forget the black shoes, dark hat and umbrella (knowing Ohio, you may actually need it!). Black tights and white gloves are optional, but red lipstick is highly recommended.

2)   Tooth fairy: Take this childhood hero and adapt it to modern times. This outfit would not be complete without a white tank top, white tutu, wings and a wand. Try to cut a tooth-shaped object out of paper and stick it to the wand. Top it off with some cool shades and a tiara.

3)   Cat Burglar: A cat costume is classic, but this idea takes this time-old costume to a new level! Put together your normal cat costume: cat ears, whiskers, tail, black outfit. Next, add a brown burlap sack with a large green money sign. Add a slim black mask over your eyes and carry a flashlight. Don’t forget to walk around sneakily!

4)   More Ideas: Kermet the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer