16 birthday gifts you can find around campus!

As a student at Ohio State, everyday feels like my birthday! However, when my actual birthday rolls around (September 25th just in case you need to know when to buy my gift), an extra present doesn’t hurt. In honor of Day 16 of orientation, here are 16 gift ideas for Ohio State students (found in the campus/Columbus area):

1.Discount tickets

Discount Tickets (or D-Tix) gives you discounts on a wide variety of opportunities and events in the Columbus area! From sports, concerts, shows and almost anything you can imagine, tickets are sold at a reduced price…if you want to buy something for your friend on a budget, D-Tix is the way to go.

2. Concert tickets at Newport Music Hall

Newport Music Hall is directly across the street from the Ohio Union, and musical acts perform there nearly every day. You’re likely to find something your friend will love, ranging anywhere from 2 Chainz to Neon Trees.

3. Dinner at Bistro 2110

The menu at Bistro 2110 (located inside the Blackwell Inn) is top notch! If you’re a food connoisseur like me, using some of your meal plan to eat steak and other delicious food is the way to go. Just remember to reserve  a table in advance!

4. Ohio State football tickets

Just in case you didn’t know, Ohio State has a pretty good football team. What’s a better gift than getting the experience of seeing the Buckeyes win in person surrounded with 100,000 of your best friends?

5. Ohio State apparel

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your friend’s wardrobe is missing some scarlet and gray? Check out Barnes and Noble College in the Ohio Union and gift wrap that Ohio State jersey or hat.

6. Name an entree at Sloopy’s Diner!

Food naming rights is not a difficult endeavor, but it can have a meaningful (year-long) impact! It’s as simple as applying for the Sloopy’s Diner sandwich club.


TBDBITL is short for “The Best Damn Band In The Land” and if you haven’t experienced them yet, check out some of their shows on YouTube. A quick trip to the University Bookstore will get your friends the sounds of TBDBITL wherever they go.

8. Textbooks

Are textbooks really a gift? Absolutely! Textbooks can be a large investment each semester, so being able to alleviate some of that financial burden is a gift worth more than its weight in gold (and because those books can weigh A LOT).

9. Massages at the RPAC

Sometimes a little R&R is needed so that the stress doesn’t get the best of us. Massages at the RPAC are given by licensed massage therapists for a fee, so you know your friend will enjoy it.

10. Suit from Pursuit

Pursuit is a local suit shop owned by some Ohio State alumni. All you need is your friend’s size, and you can guarantee that your friend will end up with a quality suit. Don’t have the size? Pursuit also sells other accessories.

11. A personalized candle from The Candle Lab

You can get candles that smell like pancakes or grass, or make your own!

12. A round of golf at the Ohio State golf course

Whether your friend is a golf expert or they’ve never played before, it’s a great experience. Scarlet and Gray are the names of the Ohio State golf courses and all you have to do is pay a green fee and schedule a game!

13. Picnic on the Oval

As a college student, FREE is the best price tag. Pack up a lunch and spend some time on the Oval in the middle of campus. Pack a Frisbee for some fun games and a blanket for sunbathing, but remember to wear sunscreen!

14. Cookies from Insomnia

Sometimes, a box of cookies is the perfect combination of, here’s a gift for your birthday, and I know this is too much for food for you, so as your friend, I will take it upon myself to help you finish all of these cookies.

15. Segway tour of Columbus

One of the benefits of attending Ohio State is living within walking distance of the 15th largest city in the United States; however, I recommend having a birthday party via Segway! This is an awesome tour to get acquainted with Columbus.

16. The little things

Your friend may too busy on their own birthday to go anywhere or do anything but it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Offer to proofread a paper or combine their laundry with your own…even a text message can make any day feel like a happy birthday.

Tune in Wednesday to learn from Molly about the 18 things that you can only experience at Ohio State!