The Freshman 15: Fifteen Things To Eat Around Campus

The Freshman 15. With such wonderful food and drinks around campus, it’s kind of hard to avoid. Don’t think so? Well, join me as I talk about fifteen things you should eat and drink around campus to celebrate day 15 of orientation!

1. Adriatico’s Pizza

The thought of missing pizza will never cross your mind as long as we have Adriatico’s Pizza. This is some of the best pizza around, so be sure to check it out on Neil and 11th Avenue!

2. Noodles and Co.

What could be better than having a bowl of penne rosa for dinner with your friends to end a long week? Having that same bowl of penne rosa at Noodles & Co! They have a wide variety of noodles available AND they even let you know how many calories are in each dish; the hike to Lane Avenue and High Street will definitely be worth it!

3. Curritos

A recently new addition to High Street, Curritos makes burritos and burrito bowls to mimic the different tastes around the world such as Bangkok, Buffalo, and (my personal favorite) Tikka. It’s like making a trip around the world in your mouth without leaving your seat!

4. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Want to stick with that classic burrito you love and cherish so much? Well, no worries! Chipotle is located on High Street right across from the Ohio Union. If you aren’t a big fan of their tortilla chips but still want something crunchy, ask for taco shells instead and they’ll give it to you – free of charge!

5. Panera Bread

If you’re in the mood for a gourmet breakfast or something other than cereal every morning, try Panera! They have wonderful bagels, muffins and scones that will satisfy the morning appetite! Top it off with a cup of their hot chocolate and that’s what I call a great start to the day! We have double the goodness here at Ohio State with two Panera locations: one on High Street and one on Lane Avenue.

6. Brenen’s Café

Brenen’s is a great place to go to grab a snack between classes, especially for those of you who will be spending a great amount of time on South Campus. Don’t forget to order their fruit smoothie with frozen yogurt and whipped cream (you won’t regret it)!


Let’s be real for a minute – off-campus food can be expensive! But we have just as much good food on campus (which you can purchase using Campus Dining meal blocks):

7. Union Market

Go to the Union Market located inside the Ohio Union to get a quick lunch ranging from burgers to paninis to sushi as you head over to your next class!

8. Sloopy’s Diner

Also in the Ohio Union, Sloopy’s is a great place to sit down with friends for any meal of the day! Catering to vegetarian and gluten-free needs, Sloopy’s is bound to be a first choice for many students.


Can’t get yourself to work out? That’s okay, you can still go to the Courtside Café inside the RPAC every day to try their mouth watering smoothies! They also have great lunch items including cheese tortellini (my personal favorite) and fruit and vegetable cups for those health-conscious students.

10. Berry Café

Berry Café, located on the ground floor of the Thompson Library, is the best place to get a snack while you study (or that morning coffee that’s a necessity for some of us!).


Now let’s review some drink choices you should explore:

11. The Ohio Union Mocha (hot or cold)

Served at the Espress-OH in the Ohio Union, the Ohio Union Mocha is one of those drinks that can keep you up and running for those long days as well as help you relax on a Friday night!

12. Starbucks

Those of you who need our coffee in the morning but can’t do with anything but Starbucks, you’re in luck! Starbucks in located right across the Union on High Street and caters to many Ohio State students on a daily basis. There are also branches around campus in the RPAC and in the basement of the McPherson Lab.

13. Fruit Smoothies

In my opinion, all the fruit smoothies on campus are delicious with the most street credibility going to those served at the RPAC, Brenen’s and the Berry Café. Check them all out to find your favorite!

14. Frozen Hot Chocolate

This chocolatey goodness is a must-have for every student at some point during their Ohio State career. For me, that would be every week! Make sure to request whipped cream and chocolate topping to get the most of this experience.

15. Apple/Orange Juice

We all love those espressos, frappuccinos and mochas, but at the end of the day, fruit juice is a healthy alternative! Find your favorite flavor: apple, orange, mixed berry or something else at any of our cafés on campus.

Check in with us again on Monday (orientation day 16) as Cameron Rankin shares sixteen birthday gifts you can find around campus!