Orientation in 140 Characters or Fewer

No matter where you are traveling from this summer, orientation is a great place to connect with other first-year students and to learn about campus resources.

However, how can you stay connected at orientation and beyond?

The options are limitless.

Facebook, email, good ole’ phone number? All are great options, but what we use most with orientation is Twitter. As an Orientation Leader entering my second summer working with new students, I find that Twitter is a great platform for quick connections and can be used in so many ways at Ohio State. So why not get a head start at orientation?

You might not have a clue what goes on at orientation…and that’s okay! Below are 24 ways to experience your Ohio State orientation (in 140 characters or fewer).

6:30AM: Currently headed to Ohio State for orientation. Hoping Mom was kidding when she said we did not have time to stop for coffee. #TooEarly

 7:45AM: WE MADE IT! *Drake voice*

7:53AM: Wait…how are these people so excited to give Mom and me parking passes? How much coffee have they had?

8:01AM: As if the parking people were not excited, I was just greeted by the most energetic guy. Is he a student or nahh? #WhereAmI

9:45AM: This man just had the out-of-state students stand up. He should ask if anyone needs more coffee and I would be like hi, pick me.

10:47AM: Just learned that these peppy people in red polos are actual students. They also talk loudly and walk backwards….prerequisite?

11:32AM: Was not crazy about the idea of “icebreakers” but it turned out to be fab. My small group is the best! #TeamBigBucks

12:27PM: YAS pizza. Love me some ‘za.

12:45PM: How many humans can fit in this place? #IndependenceHall #new2osu

1:37PM: Shout out to all the parents asking all these questions. May or may not have been wondering similar things.. #DBBS

2:32PM: The people in this academic session are so nice! #SpecialEdMajor #EHE #new2osu

4:05PM: Officially have my BuckID! Does this make this whole college thing real? Loving it!

4:25PM: Excited to be living in @SmithSteebHallOSU next year! Who’s with me?! #OSU18

5:27PM: Pasta and burgers and salads oh my! Options for days. Not mad about it.

6:45PM: Looking forward to the Involvement Fair in the fall. Over 1000 student orgs. HOW!?

8:47PM: #TeamBigBucks coming in hot to the RPAC to win these games. #new2osu

10:20PM: Was not expecting to laugh this hard at Orientation. #ONL #OSU18

11:17PM: The OL giving this tour is cracking jokes about some “long walk.” #OSUTraditions

12:32AM: Crazy to think I am in an actual res hall for the night. Soo college.

9:17AM: Mom, where are you? Session is starting soon! #LOTC

10:32AM: Meeting people from @OhioStResLife this morning makes me want to move into @SmithSteebHallOSU right now!

12:47PM: Classes are officially scheduled for Fall ‘14. Only one 8AM class two days a week. WAHHOOO!

1:23PM: Just picked up #TheGlassCastle for the #BBCBook at @OhioStBookstore.

2:45PM: What a great two days at Ohio State! Looking forward to the fall and seeing all of #TeamBigBucks on campus. #OSU18

Looking for more than 140 characters? Download the Ohio State Orientation guide on the Guidebook app or visit our Guidebook website.