Making the Most of Orientation: Evening Activities

It’s the first day of Orientation, and you just said goodbye to your parents after dinner in the Ohio Union. Although you tried to hide your embarrassment, you are starting to see why Mom shed a few tears at the thought of leaving you for the night. You may be thinking to yourself…

What now?

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Great question. What now?

Lucky for you, there are several options known as evening activities that will help you to make the most of your overnight orientation experience. Overnight activities are a great opportunity for you to meet up with your Orientation leader (OL) and many of the students you met earlier in the day. Often, the best memories and most impactful moments of orientation happen during evening activities! If you’re thinking…

Tell me more!

…read on to hear about three fantastic ways to spend your evening at orientation!

The RPAC Challenge

The Ohio State University has one of the top Recreation and Physical Activity Centers (RPAC) in the nation. During orientation evening activities, students and their small groups come together as a team to work their way through a series of physical and mental challenges as they explore the RPAC and learn about all this facility has to offer. There truly is something for everyone at the RPAC Challenge and even fun prizes for the winning team! Don’t miss out on the chance to help your team bring home a ┬ávictory! Those bragging rights will last well into fall semester!

Orientation Night Live

Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy comedy and improvisation? Then Orientation Night Live (ONL) is the show for you! Following the RPAC challenge, students will have the option of attending this crowd pleasing show. ONL is formatted much like the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and is facilitated by the Orientation Leaders. Watching the OLs act silly on stage is guaranteed to make you laugh harder than you can remember! As a student in the audience, you are given the chance to shout out scene and character suggestions, and are even given the opportunity to get up on stage! Orientation Night Live is a favorite memory for many orientation students, and is one activity you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


Moonlight History and Traditions Tour

Darkness has fallen and campus is quiet, but evening activities are going strong with this final opportunity. Following ONL, students are given the option to go on a moonlight tour of the Oval. On the tour (led by the OLs) you will learn many fun and interesting facts about the history and traditions of the university and enjoy the unique atmosphere that is the Oval at night. This tour is the final activity for the evening, and is a great way to wrap up your day one experience!

Clearly, evening activities are a blast and will leave you with knowledge, memories and deeper friendships that will last into the school year and beyond. You can guarantee evening activities are a must in order to make the most of your orientation experience!