Adventure is Out There!


Adventure is out there! At least, that’s what Pixar’s animated film Up taught me. For all of you new Buckeyes, your next big adventure is about to start. Just like with any big endeavor you don’t want to start out without preparing a little bit beforehand. That’s what orientation is for! Orientation will give you an advantage when heading out on your journey by providing you with the opportunity to:

Get the Lay of the Land

Any adventurer heading out on a big expedition needs to know a little bit about what to expect when they get there. Will it be a hot desert or a dangerous swamp? Will they need to climb a mountain or paddle across a lake? A part of orientation will be dedicated to helping you learn what is expected of you both in and out of the classroom.  Someone who knows what to expect will be more likely to overcome any obstacles that may appear.

Speak to a Guru

The wisdom of an expert is a valuable asset to any adventurer. At orientation you will get the chance to attend a group advising session led by an advisor in your academic area of study. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns you or your family may have about academics. An explorer with the inside scoop is sure to get the gold.

Plan for What is to Come

A good adventure is well planned and may even follow a schedule. Orientation will provide to you the opportunity to schedule your classes for your first semester as a Buckeye. There will be plenty of seasoned adventurers to help you with this process. You will also have the chance to complete some university business. This could include: getting your BuckID card, picking up your Buckeye Book Community book, or taking any necessary placement tests. An explorer who plans is an explorer that has a lot less to worry about in the long run.

Meet Others at the Start of Their Journey

One of the most exciting opportunities at orientation is meeting other people in the same boat. Whether you’re literally taking a boat somewhere, or just figuratively, it is nice to see that other people have similar destinations. Talk to any swashbuckler and they will tell you they never could have achieved their goals without a little help from others.

Survey the Terrain

Not many explorers get the chance to see where they will be exploring beforehand. You will get the distinct advantage of becoming more familiar with campus before you embark on your four-year journey. You will see some of the buildings where classes take place, the student union, and even how our living spaces are set up.


All of these opportunities are meant to help prepare you to be the best Buckeye you can be. Just like we wouldn’t send someone out into the jungle without the proper provisions, we wouldn’t send a student into their first year without these essentials. I wish you the best of luck young explorer, just always remember that “Adventure is out there” just waiting for you.