Five things I learned in April

The feeling I have right now is not very real, because I cannot believe that this semester is already finished and I have already sat on my favorite sofa at my home right now. It is the time for me to sum up this month that flew by: April.

There is a never-ending list of to-dos.

everything-to-do-listTo do list

During the past month, I struggled with my to-do lists. Every time I thought I had finished my tasks, new things usually came so soon that I really did not have time to relax. Therefore, I do believe that there is no empty to-do list. Even so, every time I crossed off things in the to-do list, I felt a sense of accomplishment, which is amazing. Moreover, when ever I find myself feeling frazzled by the distractions and never-ending task list, the answer to finding peace always come back to focus. We will all find the way to our peace to carry on and move on.

The library is a good place for studying and also for relaxing.

library thompson-library

I really love our Thompson Library now! I did not usually go to Thompson library before since I used to study at home or my studio. In April, one of my friends took me there to study with her. I began to love this place and found out that it is really a good place not only for studying but also for relaxing. There is a cafe on the ground floor, so students can get coffee or food while they are studying. Nearby the big windows, you can get a book or just listen to music while looking out at the beautiful world out there. Every time I look outside, my eyes relax and also it helps me to concentrate. Moreover, I even found Chinese books there, so I can read for fun when I am free. Of course, you can find so many books from other countries. One of my favorite spots in Thompson library is at the top of the library. You can look out to see the beautiful Oval and enjoy yourself whatever you are studying or just relaxing.  Go to the library, it is really more than the library you think it is.

Talking to someone can help us release pressure.


Everyone has pressures, maybe if their life or study. For me, most of my pressure is working on my projects. I used to believe that I could handle all of my pressure all by myself; however, it turned out, I failed. I can not handle too much pressure by crying since crying only can release part of my pressure and cannot solve problems at all. I believe that most of us have the same problems at some points. Talking to people is very helpful and healthy way to release your pressure. While you are talking, maybe you’ll find a way you did not think of before to solve your problems; or, your friends, or advisor, or whomever you trust could help you calm down to find yourself not in the panic to solve the issues. Therefore, talk to people and you can find your peace.

Time management is very helpful to increase efficiency of studying.

Don’t do the following things:

images (1) images (2) girl-amp-039-s-studying_o_1476125

After crazily busy final week, I begin to believe that maybe studying is…studying

or this one…demotivation.us_-Studying-Notice-how-they-conveniently-put-DYING-at-the-end-of-this-word_131081464096Nope!

Learning how to manage time can help us get through finals week! Although finals week has already passed, we have to learn something from it! Making a plan to organize our time in different subjects can increase the efficiency. Then, we need to find a good spot to study such as the wonderful Thompson Library as I mentioned before. After that we need to focus on what we are studying. Studying is not scary; instead it is a process to improve and enrich ourselves.

Going home is a big issue.

going  homegoing-home0

After April, we can have a long summer break. For International students like me, it is a wonderful break, since we finally have long enough to stay at home and enjoy our summer break. Don’t forget to kiss and hug your family to show how much you miss them! For me, the closer to the day I go home, the more eagerly I want to go home. I did not have that feeling before I came to America, but now I recognize I feel homesick, which reminds me of how much I love my parents and my hometown.

I’m so glad that I’m home now. Ohio State, I will be back soon!!

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