37 Things First-Year Students Experienced This Year

With finals occupying your brain (along with the distraction caused by Ohio’s long lost friend — the sun), it may be difficult to find time to reflect on the moments and milestones that shaped your first year. In an effort to help with that process, fellow FYE staff member, Nicole Craven, and I have provided a condensed overview for your reflecting pleasure.

37 weeks. 37 thoughts. All in 90 seconds or less.

  1. Aug 15 How am I ever going to fit this stuff into one car?
  2. Aug 22 Thank goodness I have this OSU mobile app — no one knows I am a new student.
  3. Aug 29 How do I get off of all these student organization email listservs?!?
  4. Sept 5 Got on the CLN, thinking it was the CLS. Again.
  5. Sept 12 Another day, another free event. #StudentPerks
  6. Sept 19 Got my group project assignment. Everyone but me is from Cleveland.
  7. Sept 26 That chemistry exam did NOT go as anticipated.
  8. Oct 3 This curve thing is glorious.
  9. Oct 10 Will there ever be a day when there isn’t a line at Courtside Cafe?
  10. Oct 17 It’s Homecoming Week! Go Buckeyes! Beat the Hawkeyes!
  11. Oct 24 Our marching band is better than your marching band. #Moonwalk #Viral
  12. Oct 31 So, is dressing up for Halloween like a thing in college?
  13. Nov 7 11:57 p.m….two minutes left to submit my Success Series reflection. Let’s do this.
  14. Nov 14 Just registered for spring semester. No classes until 9 a.m. Yesssssss.
  15. Nov 21 So excited to have a 4-bedroom house on Waldeck next year with 15 of my closest buddies.
  16. Nov 28 Happy Thanksgiving! T-minus 48 hours until we play TTUN!
  17. Dec 5 Only three finals stand between me and the Big 10 championship game. #Undefeated
  18. Dec 12 Done with finals. Done rooting for the Buckeyes. #Defeated
  19. Dec 19 Home for break! It’s great to see these hometown friends!
  20. Dec 26 These hometown friends have got to go.
  21. Jan 2 New year, new semester. Ready to return to my second home!
  22. Jan 9 Never in my life have I been so cold.
  23. Jan 16 Seriously.
  24. Jan 23 So many Uggs. So much North Face.
  25. Jan 30 Welcome, new President Drake! That OSU mobile app is clutch.
  26. Feb 6 I should start using the RPAC again.
  27. Feb 13 Ready to experience my first BuckeyeThon this weekend!
  28. Feb 20 Just saw Aaron Craft walking on campus. #ManOfSteal
  29. Feb 27 Study? Netflix? Netflix.
  30. Mar 6 Excited to be building houses in Florida in a few days with my Buck-I-Serv group!
  31. Mar 13 The blisters. Oh, the blisters! #HammerNovice
  32. Mar 20 Shadowing a cardiologist this summer. Scooping ice cream on the side.
  33. Mar 27 My fraternity brother won an award at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum!
  34. Apr 3 Just finished a paper comparing Woodstock to Coachella. #GenEds #HistoryofRockAndRoll
  35. Apr 10 Oh. So THIS is Oval Beach. #70Degrees
  36. Apr 17 I’m running out of ways to spell Hogwarts when changing my OSU password. #Every90Days #BobGribben
  37. Apr 24 Two finals down, 67 meal blocks to go.