10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad Before You Graduate

Okay, so we all know Ohio State is the best school on Earth. Obvi. We have amazing school spirit, a beautiful campus and a huge, fun, talented student body (maybe I’m a little biased but whateves). Being in such a fantastic place, why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to leave?! Well, I’ll tell you why. TO STUDY ABROAD.  There are so many reasons you should study abroad, but here are ten of them:

1. Experience a place that’s not, well, Ohio  (It’s out there people, I promise.)

There’s a whole big world out there waiting for you, where maybe they eat weird, but delicious things, or have cool sayings that you can use to impress your friends back home. Who knows. Listen…Do you hear it? The world’s calling.

2. Push yourself (I can totally figure out the subway system and how to speak German at the same time. Piece of cake.)

Making your way in a new country can be scary and uncomfortable, but there’s no better feeling than finally figuring out what that phrase everyone has been saying means or getting on the right bus for the first time because you KNOW where it’s going. You’re capable of way more than you think.

3. When else in your life will you have time to do this?!(I mean, why not now?)

College is a time of exploration, experimentation and independence. We are just starting to figure out who we are, who we want to be and how we fit in the world. If there’s ever a time to observe other worldviews, opinions and ways of living, it’s now.

4. Meet new people  (Heck, odds are they probably won’t even be from Ohio.)

Not only can you meet friends from the U.S. who are participating with you, but you can also befriend the locals! How fun! You can literally casually throw into conversation when you get home, “Well, my friend from Paris said…”.

5. See how others view the world  (You mean to tell me football isn’t a way of life here?)

It may surprise you that not everyone in the world wears Uggs or has seen the latest episode of Scandal. But so many different ways of thinking, doing and feeling exist in the world. Go explore; ya never know: maybe you’ll adopt some new habits (meditation? eating beondegi? The possibilities are endless.)

6. Adventure  (Wait…you eat what?!)

Why not let your adventurous spirit run wild for a while? Taste new foods, meet new people, venture outside your comfort zone. See the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall, or the Pyramids. There is no time like the present and at the very least you’ll make some great memories to take home with you.

7. Be Independent  (For real this time, since we all know how you go home solely so your Mom can do your laundry)

No matter where you go, studying abroad will force you to figure things out on your own and be independent.  You might even have to cook your own food, omg.

8. Gain valuable experience  (looks great on a resume!)

Studying abroad will help you gain problem-solving skills, appreciate other cultures and grow in confidence. These are great transferrable skills for any future job, or just to be better at life.

9. Learn about yourself  (Who knew I was capable of  miming what flavor of gelato I wanted to that waiter?)

You probably already have a fairly good idea of what you’re good at, but did you know how good you were at navigating that incredibly confusing city? Or how well you could pick up Spanish in three weeks? You may just surprise yourself.

10. Appreciate what you have (Depending on where you go, you will never again take for granted not having to pay to enter a public restroom.)

Studying abroad in a foreign country, no matter where it is, or the standard of living there, will make you appreciate what you have.  Whether that be your family, friends, hometown, or college campus, you will come home more grateful for the blessings you have.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, GO STUDY ABROAD. Take one semester, or summer away from your normal comfortable routine and explore the world. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll see, or most importantly, what you’ll learn about yourself along the way.