5 Things I Learned in January


It’s that magical time of year again when you have to actively think about writing 2014 on everything even though you just got used to writing 2013! While getting used to writing the new date might cause some frustration, the first month of the year has already presented some great lessons!

1. Extra days of vacation are not always a good thing.

I was super excited to get a few extra days of vacation when I first heard that classes were cancelled for a polar vortex, but that excitement quickly turned to boredom and the consumption of entirely too much Netflix. My productivity hit an all time low which made getting back into the swing of work and classes just a little harder. While the extra days off may have hurt your motivation, it also likely caused your professors to cram more material into fewer classes. Make sure you stay on top of any changes to your syllabus because of the shortened semester and plan ahead for the possibility of an increased work load as the weeks pass.

2. (Speaking of the polar vortex) Ohio might as well be Alaska.

If you think I’m joking, check out this AP story aptly titled¬†GO Figure: Alaska is Warmer than Lower 48. If this phenomenon doesn’t make you want to become a meteorologist, I don’t know what will. The weather is supposed to warm up for good but it doesn’t mean it’s time to put away those winter clothes just yet. Make sure to keep on bundling up!

3.  Getting sick is the worst!

I came down with a cold a couple of weeks ago and it’s no fun. Being from Philadelphia, it is especially hard not having my mommy around to take care of me (don’t act like you’re too cool to have your mom bring you some hot soup). If you get sick and can’t make it home, don’t be afraid to make a trip to Student Health Services. The doctors there can write prescriptions and refer you to specialists. If you are too sick to walk, CABS buses will get you there, and they is also discounted parking right outside of the building. If you have to miss classes because of an illness, your health care provider can give you a visit verification form or a medical excuse form. To make an appointment or to get advice about a medical issue, call a nurse at 614-292-4321. For general information about the services offered visit their website.

Interested in learning why you’re more likely to get sick in the winter? Watch this video!

4. Ohio State students care about their community.

On January 20th, I had the privilege of helping to bring students together to give back to the Ohio State and Columbus communities. About 25 out-of-state students got up before 8 a.m. to volunteer their time with the MLK Day of Service. But the amazing thing was that it wasn’t only these 25 students who came out. Thousands of Ohio State students streamed into the Ohio Union to help make this world a little better. I was so in awe of how much everyone cared about giving back.

If you participated in MLK day or you caught up on some sleep, the great thing is that the great work students do didn’t end on January 20th! There are so many ways you can get involved. Pay It Forward has great opportunities throughout the year, service learning courses are offered every semester, and there are lots of other organizations in the Columbus area that would love the additional hands of a dedicated individual.

5. But most important of all, SPRING IS NEAR!

If you’re like me, anything below 65 degrees and sunny is miserable. But have no fear! Spring is closer than you think. If you ever need a pick-me-up, check back here for a countdown.