Welcome – Who We Are

As Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, it is my pleasure to welcome you to my blog for the Office of Undergraduate Education at The Ohio State University.

UE is responsible for the oversight of the academic programming for undergraduates on our campus, and all of the aspects of this programming that maintains the rigorous, enriching, and rewarding environment that is The Ohio State University. I am particularly proud of what is referred to as the body/mind/soul connection made possible by the RPAC, Thompson Library, and Student Union. It is truly exciting to see our students connected to the activities in these facilities and elsewhere on campus.

We are currently ushering in academic program changes that have come about for many reasons, not the least of which is a response to the rapidly changing demographic which represents our current and future student body. Research has shown that the best predictor of continuing student success is engagement, and this means an involvement beyond the classroom, in active and collaborative learning, co-curricular involvement, and enriching educational experiences. Our students are coming to us better prepared technologically, more aware of global issues and different cultures, interested in not only the absorption of knowledge, but also the creation of knowledge, and with a genuine desire to help others. If we want to keep these students engaged, we have to not only provide the kind of educational experience that will prepare them for a life in their careers, but we need to respond to this increased awareness and preparation and reflect that in the way we engage with them.

Please come back to this blog for periodic updates, or explore our website at http://ugeducation.osu.edu to learn more about us.