Visualizing “Big Data” Videos available

Video recordings from the Wednesday, September 26, 2012 event, “Visualizing ‘Big Data’ in the Arts and Humanities” are now available on OSU’s iTunes U channel ( and as a podcast (!

Panelists David Staley (History), Jessie Labov (Slavic & East European Languages & Cultures), and H. Lewis Ulman (English) explored the place of data visualization as a form of humanities scholarship,  with visualization as the hermeneutic act that allows humanists to read “big data.” The panel described the concept of a Humanities Visualization Studio at The Ohio State University to conduct such humanistic readings of big data.  Questions centered around defining “big data” in the context of the humanities,  how humanists read big data, how our interests and goals with reading big data differ from that of scientists, and how visualization and visual hermeneutics is critical to the effort to read that data.