Event Ideas

Events currently being considered for 2013:

  • Digital citizenship, outreach, and service / service-learning.
  • The Digital Sensorium: Beyond reading and writing alphanumeric texts, watching images, and listening to sound.
  • Working together: Collaboration, folksonomies, and crowdsourcing in digital arts and humanities.
  • Closer to the machine: Coding in the digital arts and humanities
  • The rare books library of 3013; Or, what’s in your basement?  combining a discussion of digital preservation and forensics with a show-and-tell of old computers. Alternate title: Will it last?: Digital curation and digital preservation
  • Square pegs in round holes: How do we connect standards and services with experimentation, research, and the creation of new knowledge?

Other ideas:

  • Where did we come from?: The genealogies of digital arts and humanities. I’d like to construct some alternates to the genealogy that John Unsworth offers at What’s “digital humanities” and how did it get here? | Library & Technology Services.
  • Problems of definition: What are “digital humanities” and “digital arts”?
  • Centers, networks, and collaboratories: Organizational infrastructures for digital arts and humanities.
  • Data mining, text analysis, and other uses of digital collections and digital archives.
  • eLearning at OSU: Wither Carmen, Digital First, iTunes U, and MOOCs?
  • Bathygraphy: The surfaces and depths of encoded texts.
  • Data and Metadata.
  • Alt-ac meets the tenure track: Academic work in the digital arts and humanities.
  • Bootstrapping: How do I learn this new stuff?
  • You’ve gotta see this!: Exemplary, groundbreaking, and bar-setting digital arts and humanities projects.
  • I haven’t taken a math course in decades!: Quantification in the digital arts and humanities.
  • On the move: Mobile art and humanities.
  • Tea, Early Grey, hot: The potential and limitations of digital “replication” of cultural heritage materials.