Ohio State has great potential to support ground-breaking work in the digital arts and humanities, but the University’s success in this area depends on building support systems that include a more robust infrastructure for developing and hosting digital humanities projects and a richer culture of collaboration and curation for that work. That culture must bring together librarians, IT professionals, and faculty, who, on such a large campus, often are simply unaware of potential resources and collaborators. The Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group provides a venue for building a sustained digital arts and humanities network on campus.

As one of the OSU Humanities Institute’s Working Groups, we sponsor workshops, panel discussions by members of the OSU community, and presentations by guest speakers. Programming organized by the working group focuses on areas in which there is already interest or expertise on campus, including  mapping/visualization, digitally-enhanced pedagogy, digital archives, electronic textual editing, and game-based learning.

The Working Group also functions as an ‘incubator’ for an ongoing digital arts and humanities community or network at OSU. This community will facilitate collaboration and sharing of expertise, and may have a role in recommending infrastructure for supporting research and teaching.

We welcome wide participation by academic faculty, library professionals, and staff across the University. For more information about the Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group, please contact one of the coordinators.

Coordinated by:

Working Group Core Committee

Faculty and Staff
Amy Acton, Lecturer, College of Public Health
Harmony Bench, Assistant Professor, Department of Dance
Liv Gjestvang, Director, Digital First
Jessie Labov, Assistant Professor, Slavic & East European Languages & Cultures
Cathy Ryan, Lecturer, Department of English
Cynthia Selfe, Professor, Department of English
H. Lewis Ulman, Associate Professor, Department of English

Graduate Students
Trey Conatser, Graduate Student, Department of English
Michael Harwick, Graduate Student, Department of English
Will Kurlinkus, Graduate Student, Department of English
Ya-Li Wu, Graduate Student, School of Teaching and Learning

University Libraries
Lisa Carter, Associate Director, Special Collections and Area Studies, OSUL
Nena Couch, Professor and Curator, Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, OSUL
Anne Fields, Associate Professor and Subject Librarian for English, OSUL
Melanie Schlosser, Assistant Professor and Digital Publishing Librarian, OSUL

Ken Petri, Program Director, OSU Web Accessibility Center
Dickie Selfe, Director, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
David Staley, Director, Goldberg Center, Department of History