Executive Board

UEJ Executive Board

Current Members

President: Cornelius Johnson

  • Presiding over all club and Executive Board meetings
  • Acting as a liaison between the club and outside entities, including the University and alumni
  • Communicating with all club members regarding the activities of the club
  • Working with the Treasurer to distribute any grant funding UEJ chooses to provide

Vice President: Benjamin Stone

  • Fulfilling the duties of President in the absence of the President
  • Work with other Executive board members to aid them in their responsibilities

Treasurer: Yaqi Guo

  • Serve as a signatory on club bank account
  • Manage all the finances of the club
  • Ensure all transactions are executed in a timely fashion
  • Maintain and prepare club budgetary and fundraising activities

Secretary: Huan Li

  • Maintain a club schedule of events and take attendance at events
  • Take notes of all club meetings
  • Act as a liaison between Executive and Editorial Boards
  • Briefs the President and Editor-in-Chief on the activities of the club

Director of Outreach & Marketing: Conan Cao

  • Advertise the club to prospective contributors and members
  • Maintain social media accounts for the club
  • Advertise original content to readers/viewers/etc