Editorial Board

UEJ Editorial Board

Current Members & Duties

Head Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Williams

  • Approving all content of UEJ
  • Managing peer review of articles that are submitted for the yearly edition
  • Managing and helping Junior Editors fulfill their roles

Vice Editor-in-Chief: Kushagra Mahaseth

  • Assisting the Editor-in-Chief with all duties

Junior/Categorial Editors: Benjamin Casner, Sam Stelnicki, Joseph Glandorf, Mark Oleson, Connor Sheehy

  • Helping comment, edit, and prepare original content created by the writers and other contributors
  • Contributing to peer review in an area of expertise (e.g. Labor economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics)
  • Managing at least three pieces of original content by writers and members for each monthly publication cycle

Writers: TBA

  • Contributing at least one piece of original content per month during the academic year and at least one contribution outside of the academic year