Shape Grammar: Point, Line, Plane

A compositional representation of the design principle, balance, using only 2 shapes.


Using linear perspective as a guide to construct a studio room drawing that accurately represents a 3D space.

2D to 3D Translation

Exploring the relationship between 2D shapes and 3D forms, while constructing ideas with intentional craft and material exploration.

Space and Time Walk

This project focuses on “Slow Looking” observation and communicating ‘An Evolution to Adulthood’ journey through OSU campus via mapping.

Patterning and Abstractions

This project focuses on the use of natural and man made abstractions/patterns to create a ‘healing’ mandala.


Exploring isometric perspective drawing, crafting a new word and visually communicating its definition through visuals that emphasize the word’s meaning.


Construction of our own sketchbooks, creating a space where we can ideate and brainstorm for future designs and projects.

Layers: Deep Space

By using paper layering techniques this project emphasizes and exaggerates a sense of depth and space with a narrative of falling in love.


This project explores masking or body augmentation form development inspired by a narrative theme of a criminal pandemic.

Dynamic Pages

This project uses dynamic paper craft to portray the feeling of a relationship that is better apart than together, in a collaborative design process.


This project focuses on the theme of thunder, rain and lightning by reimagining game aesthetics to support a story while also maintaining the function of game mechanics.

Gifting Design

Exploring gift design for a mentor by conveying a fundamental idea about interior design using three-dimensional volumes (form), space (positive and negative form) and time.


A re-enactment and interpretation of Austrian photographer, Valie Export’s gallery called ‘Body Configurations’.

Custom Home Design

Exploring and combining a variety of materials to create a simplistic theme throughout a space.