Dog Training Methods

Michael Ellis Philosophy of Dog Training

Michael Ellis is a world-renowned dog trainer and instructor, with over 30 years of experience. Mr Ellis has worked with everyone from military and police departments as well as dog agility competitors. The video outlines the basic methods of Clear Signals Training, a method of dog training that uses verbal markers from the handler to communicate.


How Dogs Love UsĀ by Gregory Berns

Dr. Gregory Berns is a Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University, who studied the brain scans of dogs as they interacted with their owners. Dr. Berns is the author of several books on human and canine brain activity. In this book, Dr. Berns and his team show, through MRIs of canine brains, how dogs interpret human communication and anticipate human actions.

The Importance of Socialization by APDT

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers is a professional organization that certifies dog trainers. Membership and certification from this organization is used by dog trainers as proof of skill and knowledge. This article gives advice for socializing your dog.

The Importance of Socialization

Leerburg is a well-known dog training company that has been offering information for pet owners and dog trainers for decades. Leerburg’s training has been used by professional and amateur dog trainers all over the world. This article offers advice on nutrition for dogs.

National K9 Dog Trainers Association

This association is centered in Columbus, Ohio and offers training for Dog Trainers. People come from all over the country to attend the school and obtain the trainer certification. This section of their website offers tips for trainers ranging from agility training to puppy training.