The Agouti, A gene, is a modifier gene of the B gene. This gene dictates the pattern of the color on the fiber. This is the gene that decides what pigment goes where.  There are many alleles at this locus.

  • Awt        white tan
  • Ab          badger face
  • At           black and tan/ mufflon
  • A+          wild type
  • Ag           Grey
  • Agt         Grey and tan
  • Abl         blue
  • Albl        light blue
  • Aeb        English blue
  • Albf        light badger face
  • Alg          light grey
  • Agg        gotland grey
  • Asm       swiss markings
  • Als          Lateral Stripes
  • Aep        eye patch
  • Aa           solid / nonAgouti

The Agouti gene shows that alleles are only dominate and recessive in comparison to other alleles. The Awt gene is dominate to all other alleles while the Aa is recessive to all other alleles. The other middle alleles exercise co-dominance within each other.

This gene controls which pigment is produced

  • Eumelanin= black
  • Pheomelanin= tan
    • Amounts of pheomelanin produces the ranges of tan (dark brown- light pale)

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    what is the evidence for the Agg allele?

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