About Me

I am Zachary Tungate I am from Salem Ohio where I graduated from Salem High School in 2019. I am currently a CSE Pre-Major hoping to specialized into machine learning.  My academic interests include the Cyber Security club that holds events like capture the flag online with a hidden message you have to find, OHI/O which hold hackathons throughout the school year for students and ECOCar where we improv a car over four years to hit certain benchmarks in the competition. My goals for this semester currently are to improve my study habits to help me survive this semester and get better in my future semesters. Some of my other interests are playing trombone in the athletic band and going to board game club which is a club where a bunch of people gather and just play a lot of board games.


My top five strengths from the VIA character are Humor, Curiosity, Love of learning, Fairness, and Kindness. For humor I try to look on the bright side of life and look at the humor in everything. I laugh could brighten someones day and turn your day from dull and boring to bright and cheery. For curiosity I always try to understand what’s going on around me along with trying to understand how certain things work. For love of learning I make it my goal to try and understand as much as I can without others trying to force me to learn. For my fourth strength I believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of their background or who they are. My fifth strength of kindness goes along with fairness that everyone should also be treated in the same way but also in a kind way.