End of year reflection

My second year I was able to start a nonprofit, become the student lead for student organizations, a student organization success coach, obtain a research position and maintain my GPA. This past year I gained a lot of titles and became even more involved in all aspects of campus but most importantly I was able to grow as an individual. I learned to recognize my privilege and be able to encourage others to acknowledges theirs. I have grown into my own confidence and learned to love who I am. I hope to continue this growth for the rest of my time on campus and as I move forward into my future endeavors.

Vision Statement and Statement of Action

With my remaining time on campus, I wish to expand the Fresh Start Foundation to other campuses and collaborate with other larger organizations such as Johnson & Johnson. I will continue to work on getting my degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I will apply to medical schools the summer prior to my senior year and hope to be accepted and continue my education. As the Student Lead for Student Organizations, I hope to help the Office of Student Life to reach more students and help get them involved on campus because being involved has played a pivotal role in my experience at Ohio State. The next two year I hope to continue to grow as an individual, become a more advanced scholar, and stay true to my values.

Summary of Abstracts

These pieces signify my commitment to having a unique experience at Ohio State. I want to give back to those who do not have the same opportunities as I do and strive to do better than those before me. I want to honor my fallen friends by surpassing the glass ceilings we all face. By being involved in the Biological Science Scholars program I have been given a community that fosters my strengths and encourages me to acknowledge and work on my weaknesses.

Fresh Start Foundation

During my time here at OSU I founded a new student organization called Fresh Start. We focus on providing essential hygiene products to the homeless community. In our first year, we donated over 500 GoBags filled with shampoo, soap, deodorant, first-aid kits, and dental hygiene products. We have partnered with larger organizations such as the Homeless Families Foundation, Open Shelter and Pay It Forward.

I’m now focusing on the expansion of Fresh Start into the Fresh Start Foundation, a nonprofit that will conduct GoBag programs in various cities and locations. In the coming years I hope to donated over 1,000 GoBags each year at each branch of the foundation. We currently have branches being started at the University of Cincinnati and University of Alabama.

I have gained so much from this experience and I truly believe that the Fresh Start Foundation will play a pivotal role in my future endeavors. I have learned how to be mindful of my privilege and how to help others who are often forgotten.

Scholars Event


This was taken at the Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio which is a conservation safari that is designed to support endangered species. This organization’s mission is to “advance conservation through science, education and personal experience.” At this scholars event I learned about how the Wilds rebuilds certain species by breeding and taking their DNA to send to an international data base for the rest of the scientific world to study.

Year in Review

With the end of the semester approaching quickly, I reflect on my mistakes and how I plan to grow as a student over the coming days. My first semester of college was a time of great adversity as I tried to get acclimated with both my rigorous class schedule and adjusted to the social distractions of the dorm life. After I got back my first ever C, I changed my study habits and attended almost every chemistry office hour offered. Through this experience I feel that I have grown to be more courageous and outspoken if I do not know all the answers. Overall, my first semester of college has not been as easy as I once naively thought but I am learning and growing as a human being and that I all I can expect from myself.



              Global awareness is the responsibility to have an open mind to the diversity of the world and learn about different cultures to create an open mind. I plan to study abroad my junior year during my spring semester to submerse myself into another culture and gain a new world view. Original Inquiry portrays the independence required to become a successful student. Throughout my time here at The Ohio State University, I hope to participate in neuro-oncology research to fulfill my original inquiry aspect of my education. Academic enrichment is the thirst for knowledge acquired by every honors and scholars student. Since I am a Neuroscience major, my course work is extremely science based but to have a well-rounded education, I plan to take classes within the humanities and mathematics. Leadership development is the process to becoming a role model for our peers and obtaining the values that lead us to success. In the upcoming year, I am going to start my own organization on campus called Hygiene On the Go. This group will raise either funds or actual hygiene products for the shelters in the Columbus areas. With these products, we will create bags filled with the essential products such as toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. These will then be distributed to a variety of women’s shelters and homeless shelters. Service engagement represents the value of selflessness that each student should have in order to becoming a well rounded student and person.



On July 11, 2014, I found my purpose in life and decided to dedicate my life to helping others through medical practice and research. As stated above, my friend Lauren Hede, passed away from brain cancer at the age of 16. While I was at her funeral, I personally witnessed the hurt that is inflicted on everyone by this disease. This is a picture of a bracelet that is always on my wrist; it represents everyone in my life that has passed away from cancer and everyone I hope to help in the future. It is for the Stand Up 2 Cancer organization that raises money for research. Cancer is one of the few diseases that does not discriminate who it affects wither it be directly or indirectly. Even if I could save only one person from this horrible disease, I will have respectfully honored my fallen friend and this is why I have decided to come a doctor.