Year in Review: Year One Done!?!

image1I can not believe that this year is already over!! It seems just like yesterday I was so nervous and afraid to even come to college. I’ve had the priviledge of completing so many task that I would have never dreamed of being possible. With finishing my first semester in studio, being a part of the Fashion Schau, participating in Buckeyethon, and joining Phi Sigma Pi, an honors fraternity, this year has definitely taken a toll on me. Although I am super glad to be done with all the stress of classes and finals, I can’t wait to continue my journey here at OSU. I have had the honor of meeting so many great people and I know I will remember the memories that I created with them for a lifetime. I’ve learned so much about myself by doing things that I never would have imagined. The first year of college you are kind of thrown into it feeling like you have to fend for yourself. I have matured in the since that I believe I have become more responsible in how I handle issues and everyday tasks. It is important that we evaluate our personal growth so that we are able to see how far we have progressed and just how far we have to go to become the best person that we can possibly be. IMG_2552As this year comes to a close, I am excited that I get the opportunity to become a Peer Leader and help first year students make their college experience as great as mine was. I’m secretly hoping that these next three years don’t go as fast as this one because I am not ready for this experience to come to an end.

Fashion Schau

The FashIMG_0288ion Schau is an annual event put on by Servitecture, a student service organization within the architecture program. This particular event allows students at any level to design a wearable outfit depending on a certain theme. This years theme was “Re-Modeled” posing the questions to the designers of what materials are being used in the dress and how they can begin to be sustainable. I had the fabulous opportunity of aiding Megan Pettner in designing a dress made completely out of coffee sleeves, gum wrappers, and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. The dress was not as easy to construct as we may have thought and took an enormous amount of time. The final project turned out great and we were able to score within the top 10 of all the fellow designers. Winning of course wasn’t the main goal of the night. The best memory of the night was learning how much money the event was able to raise for Dress For Success. This non-profit organization empowers women who may be less fortunate and helps them work on my interview skills and makes sure they are dressed to impress during interviews. it was fantastic to have so much fun while raising money for a great cause as well . This was for sure a great memory from my first yIMG_0673ear and I cant wait to participate again next year!

About Me


Welcome! My name is David Tucker. I am a first year architecture major at The Ohio State University. I am from Grove City, Ohio a suburban community a couple of minutes away from Campus. I love being involved in different activities on Campus including, Servitecture, Buckeyes for a cause, and Buckeyethon. I also have the privilege of being in the Scholars program here at OSU. Being in the Scholars program gives me many opportunities to volunteer and help shape my fellow buckeye community. I joined scholars to gain a sense on togetherness amongst my fellow architecture majors and it has really helped make me feel included on Campus. I strive to be an outgoing person who never excludes others and always aims to do their very best. In my pass time I enjoy practicing my bassoon and furthering my education.


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