About Me


Hi! Welcome to my own little corner of the Internet, a.k.a. my blog. My name is Hannah Tsai and I am from the city of Louisville, Kentucky. At home, I live with my parents, my younger brother Austin, and an adorable miniature white and black rabbit named Fluffy (that was the only name our family could agree on).

I love to travel and learn about similarities and differences in cultures. The past couple of years, I have traveled to Taiwan to visit family members, but last summer I was given the opportunity to teach English in Taiwan to third graders. It is one of my favorite memories. I also enjoy spending quality time with the people I love, sewing, and learning about anything related to makeup or fashion.

Growing up, I have always enjoyed working with my hands, whether it was making a craft or assembling a project for class. Dentistry combines many things I enjoy: working with my hands, helping others, and science, which is why I chose to pursue this profession. I hope to reach my goal of becoming a dentist and making the world a better place, one person at a time.