Meet Dr. Troyan

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

My research is informed by two complementary perspectives on language use. The first, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) (e.g., Halliday & Matthiessen, 2013), considers the ways in which language functions in social contexts for particular purposes, while the second, cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT), positions development and learning as a co-construction between members of a community. Collectively, these theoretical and methodological perspectives guide my work on world language teacher development, ideologies and practices in language immersion education and the writing development of world language learners.

I am a core faculty member of Foreign and Second Language Education (FSLED) and Language, Education, and Society (LES). I teach courses in the BSEd and MEd Programs on World Language Teaching Methodology, Core Practices in World Language Teaching, and Functional Linguistics for World Language Teachers. In the PhD and MA Programs, I teach courses on Language Assessment and Researching Foreign and Second Language Teacher Education.

For more information on my research, please visit my page on the Teaching and Learning website.

To apply to the BSEd, MEd, or PhD Programs, please contact the Office of Academic Services.