Final Reflection

1. What has been your biggest challenge this semester? How did you address this?

This semester, my biggest challenge was trying to juggle all the homework and studying I needed to do in my classes. I addressed this challenge by using a planner and writing down what days I would get my work down, giving myself due dates for finishing assignments.

2. What majors/colleges did you explore through lecture attendance? Why/How did you choose those majors/colleges to explore?

Through lecture attendance, I explored the Natural and Mathematical Science majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences and the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences majors in the College of Arts and Science. I am also planning on attending the lecture on the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences on December 4th. I chose to attend these lectures to further explore the colleges and majors within them because I have an interest in math and science and I realize that these are the most likely colleges that I will attend.

3. Describe how your thoughts about majors have changed over the course of the semester. Are you considering different majors now than you were at the start of the semester?

At the beginning of the semester, I knew I wanted to major in something science-related but I was limiting my options about what I would major in because I did not realize the plethora of majors at Ohio State. Now, after doing the research, I have found possible majors that I was unaware of before that are in the STEM field.

4. How do the majors you have considered fit with your strengths, interests and goals? What do you think, at this time, is the major(s) that best fit?

Majors I have considered have all been science-related, which fit with my interest in science. These majors also include investigative skills, which I look forward to in a future career. At this time, I believe the major that best fits my interests and goals is Medical Laboratory Science, the Certification Track.

5. What was most beneficial about attending lecture?

The most beneficial thing about lecture was hearing about the individual experiences from the students who would present from the different colleges.

6. What do you wish had been covered in lecture that was not?

I know it would have taken a good amount of time, but I wish brief summaries were given on the different types of majors within each college to better understand what they entailed.

7. List 1-2 goals for next semester to continue exploring majors/careers. What resources will you use to help you reach those goals?

My goal for next semester is to do more research into the Medical Laboratory Science Major and look into how to apply. I will utilize my Medical Lab Science advisor and the School of Health and Rehabilitation’s website, as well as contact someone from the Senior Bank who has majored in or is currently majoring in Medical Laboratory Science in order to get more insight on the program.

8. If you could go back and talk to yourself at the start of the semester, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to relax and to not over-stress about picking a major right away. The Exploration Program has helped bring awareness to different resources to utilize, which has aided me in finding what I believe in the right major for me.

Informational Interview

For my informational interview, I decided to interview Jessica Mantini, the director of the Medical Lab Science program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. I decided to interview her because I am extremely interested in Medical Lab Science as a future major. This interview strengthened my decision to work towards the Medical Lab Science major to become a medical lab technologist in the future. The interview questions and Jessica’s answers are below.

1.) What was your own academic and career path?

I graduated from this very program and while I was working as a medical lab scientist in the OSU Medical Center clinical lab, I attended graduate school here in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Services. During graduate school I worked as a graduate assistant in some courses and after graduation, a faculty member left and they offered me a position.

2.) In your opinion, what is one of the best things about the Medical Laboratory Science major?

The best things are that it is a small group of students who get to know each other and the faculty very well. It is also fun to get to apply all of your knowledge right away in the lab courses. It is also the best preparation for med school you can find in an undergraduate major.

3.) In your opinion, what is the biggest concern for students in this major?

Time management! Due to the long hours spent in the lab, and the large amount of material, students have to learn to commit to the program as their top priority, outside of jobs etc..

4.) What kinds of careers do graduates from this major pursue?

The vast majority work in a hospital clinical lab. Others work in private labs, such as LabCorp, public health labs, and industry, or companies who design lab tests/equipment. A few will work in research lab settings. Many go on to post-bachelorette studies.

5.) What kinds of research are students in this major participating in?

Very few of our undergraduates are actively doing research. We have a graduate major however, and they all do it. Mostly in labs of our faculty (HIV, cancer, MS) or doing things in the management or education arena of the medical center lab.

6.) Does this major lead to any special certification or licensing? If so, what?

We have multiple majors. Our Certification Track ends with eligibility to sit for a national exam to become MLS(ACP) certified which is required to practice in clinical labs in the US. Our medical science major is a pre-med, or similar, major that does not end in certification.

7.) What sorts of graduate programs do graduates of this major enter?

Graduate programs our alumni attend include medical school, physician assistant school, nurse practitioner school, master in public health program, master in healthcare administration programs, dental, vet, etc.

I did not realize that everyone in the graduate major participates in research, nor did I realize how many tracks people can take for graduate programs. I need to learn more about the different tracks you can take for medical lab science, including the curriculum that corresponds with each and the types of careers one can obtain with each particular major. I found the “What Can I Do With a Major in” resource the most helpful since I could just easily search a major and the possible careers, necessary skills, and different professional links all pop up. Overall, I found this assignment very useful in my search for a major and it solidifies my choice to pursue a medical lab science major.

College Transition Reflection

College Transition Lecture Reflection
1. What are you most worried about as you start college?
As I start my first semester of college, I am most worried about finding the right major for me. I feel lost when it comes to what major I find most interesting and could see myself working in for the rest of my life. I know I have not even completed two full weeks of college and I do not have to pick a major right at this moment, but I feel a looming pressure to decide as I will only have a few more general education courses to complete next semester.
2. What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about learning new topics and information in my classes here at The Ohio State University to expand my knowledge. I enjoy school and enjoy applying myself to my classes so I look forward to the semester to come!
3. What academic strengths are you bringing in from high school?
I am bringing my academic strength of dedication and hard-work from high school with me this first semester. I plan to continue to always give 100% of my effort, complete my homework on time, and study diligently for all my classes.
4. What co-curricular activities are you interested in getting involved with?
I ran cross country in high school so I am excited to join the running club! When I was at the Involvement Fair, a few clubs that interested me were Advocates for Women of the World, Buckeyes for Canines, Relay for Life, and Global Health Initiative.
5. Which piece of advice from the panel most resonated with you and why?
A piece of advice that resonated with me the most from the panel is that it is alright to not have a major picked right away. The fact that every student up there had a major picked and that the Exploration Program worked to help them decide their major gave me some reassurance that I will find one eventually. Also, someone mentioned The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry, which interested me so I signed up to receive emails from it.

Year in Review

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About Me

My name is Grace Trouten and I am an incoming honors student at The Ohio State University. I am extremely excited for the upcoming school year and the furthering of my education. I am currently enrolled in the Exploration Program for Science and Technology, where I intend to explore many possible topics in this category in order to find the perfect major for me. I look forward to my future classes and I plan to give 100% of my work ethic to each one of them. My creativity and hard work will help me excel in my future courses and path to earning a college degree.

In high school, I was most interested in my science and math courses. I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of these classes, as well as the overall topics. Due to this interest, I plan to pursue either a science or math major, specifically one that involves helping others. I also intend on being involved in multiple internships throughout my years in college in order to gain real-world experience, which will help when choosing a major and my future career.

I am also excited to get involved on campus this coming fall! My favorite moments of high school occurred during my involvement in clubs and sports, which included National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, cross country, softball, and track. I look forward to joining clubs on campus that focus on volunteer work, togetherness, fun, etc. I enthusiastically anticipate the journey ahead and the new memories that will come from it!