I will always hold my experience as an Environment and Natural Resource Scholar close to my heart.  I look back on my freshmen year and can see that I have grown in a number of ways.

The highlight of my experience as an ENR Scholar was absolutely getting to live together our first year.  I am so thankful that I immediately had a group of people to hang out with, especially at such a big school.  In fact, I met my very best friend and roommate through the program, Sophie Manaster.  I will be forever grateful for that.  Moreover, it was so comforting to know that Amanda and Esther always had our backs.

Throughout the years, I have learned and experienced so much more with our environment and even beyond that.  Whether that be skills to better enjoy the outdoors, knowledge to better protect our planet, or just ways to de-stress. I came in as a tree-hugger and left an educated and experienced environmentalist.  Since I am not an ENR major, it has been so important for me to still have this outlet.

I have significantly reduced animal products in my diet since coming to college and joining ENR Scholars.  I stopped using plastic bags and purchased reusable straws.  I have been to a countless amount of parks in Columbus.  I plan to continue to reduce my carbon footprint and travel the Earth throughout my remaining time at Ohio State and after graduation.

I will be moving off campus next year (yay!), and am excited about the opportunities that will bring me.  I will be able to shop for my own groceries instead of being stuck on a meal plan.  Additionally, I hope to reduce my waste significantly next year.  I am going to implement everything I learned in the “Living Sustainably Off-Campus” event.

To the future ENR Scholars, embrace every moment!  There will be dark times during your first year in Morrill Tower but remember to hang tight during those times and lean on your friends and fellow scholars.  Soon enough, you will be a 15-minute walk away from some of them, instead of a walk down the hall.

Whatever you put into the events and requirements of the program is what you will get out of it.  Take advantage of every opportunity but always make sure to check in with your mental health.  Be open-minded, be passionate, and be you!

It’s been real, ENR Scholars, thanks for the mems!




As I reflect on my first year of college, I am amazed at how fast it has gone but how long I have felt like I’ve known this place and these people.  I look back to the beginning of the year and am surprised at how many ups and downs there have been, how many new challenges and opportunities I faced, and truly how much I have grown.

College is weird.  You pack up your stuff and move away from your parents for the first time ever.  You move into a place with 60,000 other students whom none of which you know, leaving the group of friends you have spent 12 years with.  I moved into a tiny space with a girl I met from Facebook, and two other strangers.  As it sounds, this could have gone terribly- I remember the horror stories I created in my head before starting college.  However, I could not have asked for better roommates, suitemates, floormates, and friendships this year.  I have learned so much from each individual and experience I have met.  These three girls pictured are some of the friendships I treasure most.  The first girl was the suitemate who quickly turned into my go-to girl.  We have laughed and cried, we’ve fought and made up, we have struggled in astronomy lecture and worshipped our God in service.  She made sure none of my days were boring.  She taught me about learning to love yourself and being independent, and gave me the courage to chase my dreams.  Which is what she will be doing, as she pursues a career in acting and voice instead of returning to OSU.  I am beyond heartbroken but so proud of her, and I know even though I have only known her for a year, our bond cannot be broken.  Get yourself a friend who will go to Valentines Day dinner with you in the Short North when you are both as single as it gets.  The second picture is of her roommate, Michelle.  Always referred to as our “mom,” she always made sure we were doing okay.  Speaking with her taught me to be open-minded and to love without limits.  I cannot wait to visit her apartment next year!  Get yourself a friend that will dress up like a hippie with you just to get three dollar burritos.  The last photo is of my lovely roommate and best friend.  I definitely recommend finding your roommate on Facebook.  Sophie became a best friend the second I met her and was my biggest support system this first of college. From reminding me that things will be okay when I’m stressed to the late night chats in the bunk beds- I would have been a mess with out her.  She taught me that I could truly do it all, as she set an example by working, training for a marathon, studying, and spending time with friends.  I am so glad that I will get to live with her again next fall.  Get yourself a friend who will cheer with you on good days (like OSU game days), and be by your side on the bad days.

A big part of my freshmen year was being a part of ENR Scholars.  From the camping trip which took me away from campus to relax, to the service projects and events that kept me focused.  Being a part of a group of people, and living with them as well, made the transition into college so much easier.  I met so many more people, and made friendships that will last a lifetime.  Having Esther and Amanda reminded me that I had adults here who cared about me and wanted me to do well- not just academically but in life.  Overall, it was an inspiring experience that taught me that I can always improve as a person and have the ability to do make a change in this world.

One of the most important things I learned this year was how important it is to save time to enjoy the little things.  Sometimes we get too caught up in our busy lives that we leave no time to just enjoy the day, which is so important for our mental health.  April has been fun for me to get to try to do something big for our Earth by eating vegetarian, and it has been a really cool experience.  This year I learned how stress-relieving it is too breathe in fresh air, lay in the grass, pet an adorable dog, and admire a pretty autumn tree or remarkable sunset.  You have time, I promise.

I already bragged on my girl friends, but I want to take the time to talk about this whole group of people.  These are some of the best people I have ever met.  All of the guys always had us girls’ backs, and that is so important in college.  They taught me how I should be treated and always made sure I was having a good time no matter how bad of a day I was having.  They taught me about keeping a balance in my life between working hard and still enjoying life.

I have definitely grown in my time here, choosing to live intentionally.  I hope to stay friends with all of these wonderful people, and even make more friendships next year.  I hope to continue basking in the sunshine and taking hold of every opportunity that comes my way.  Goodbye freshmen year, hello summer!

Year in Review

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