Mapping Access

Members of the Spring 2020 class in English 4591 (“Rhetorics of Illness and Disability”) collaborated to create an Access Guide for the 2020 Society for Disability Studies Conference at Ohio State. Although the conference moved online, this guide will serve as the starting point for OSU’s Mapping Access Project.

This project follows the model developed by Dr. Aimi Hamraie and the Critical Design Lab at Vanderbilt University. The “Mapping Access” project involves students and other members of the OSU community in a collaborative process of charting and reflecting on campus spaces. 

Thumbnail of a page of the Access Guide

Thumbnail image from the Mapping Access report for OSU showing a sidewalk with a large cutout for a tree. This image links to the Access Guide in PDF format.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Mapping Access Project, either on behalf of a class you’re teaching or as an individual volunteer, please contact Margaret Price (