APA symposium

Here are the presentations included in the 2017 APA symposium, “Novel insights for enhancing positive body image and embodiment” co-chaired by Jessica Alleva, Niva Piran, and myself.

For the Introduction slides (speaker: Jessica Alleva), click here.

Niva Piran’s slides are forthcoming….

For the Mindful Self-Care for Embodied Self-Regulation slides (speaker: Catherine Cook-Cottone), click here.

For the Impact of a Yoga Intervention on Children’s Body Image slides (speaker: Tracy Tylka), click here.

For the Yoga at Every Size: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Brief Online Size-inclusive Yoga-based Intervention for Higher Weight College Women (speaker: Jennifer B. Webb), click here.


Here are the presentations included in the 2015 APA symposium, “Beyond Negative Body Image: Innovative Constructs Carve Paths to Embodied Well-Being” co-chaired by Niva Piran and myself.

For the Introduction and Body Appreciation slides (Tracy Tylka), click here.

For Body Image Functionality and Affect Regulation slides (Jennifer Webb), click here.

For Attunement and Mindful Self-Care slides (Catherine Cook-Cottone), click here.

For the Body Functionality slides (Jessica Alleva), click here.

Fore the Resisting Fat Talk slides (Denise Martz), click here.

For Positive Embodiment slides (Niva Piran), click here.


Here are the articles within the special series of positive body image published within the journal Body Image.

Editorial introduction article pdf.

Construct definition article pdf.

Assessment of positive body image article pdf.

Eating disorder prevention: adding positive body image measures article pdf.

Adding positive body image to enhance the treatment of eating disorders article pdf.

Positive body image, social identities, and special populations article pdf.

Future directions in positive body image research article pdf.