Scholars Service Hours

2 hours volunteering at the OSU Homecoming parade:

I and a team of others volunteered to be pacers for the homecoming parade from 5:00-7:00 pm on Friday, October 5.  We were given assignments and trained on what our tasks were- basically keep time for the groups in the parade so it ran smoothly- and then starting at 6:00, we walked with the parade. It was a very enjoyable experience to be a part of an OSU tradtion and see the hundreds of happy families and students along the route, cheering on the parade groups. Our leader’s name was Emily, and her email is After the parade, we even got a picture with President Drake!

5 hours volunteering at the Dream Center:

On the DSWS day of service, October 17, I and a group of fellow DSWS scholars met and went to the Dream Center from 12:00-5:00 pm to serve the local community. It was near Thanksgiving, so we helped the center clean and prepare for their upcoming holiday meal that would be open to the public. Tasks included cleaning tables, organizing coats, and making goodie bags full of essential hygene items that many go without. Then we went out into the neighborhood and went door to door placing flyers inviting people to the meal. There was a great sense of fellowship amongst all of the people serving, and it was incredible to be out in the community which we were serving. The experience really made me greatful for the community I was brought up in. Afterwards, we met with the other DSWS groups and debriefed.


3 hours taking care of neighbor’s pets:

My next door neighbor went out of state for Thanksgiving, and I always watch her cats when she is gone. This time, I took care of then from midday on November 21 to evening on November 22. I went and fed the cats multiple times, did their litter, and played with them for a few hours. I did not receive pay for this. It was wonderful to get to play with the cats and know that I was helping out a neighbor and friend during the hectic holiday season. My neighbor is Dawn Wendorff, who can be reached at

My neighbor’s cat, Maggie, wanting me to play with her and her brother Sam

Some parade Pacers with Dr. Drake