True Colors Reflection

Today, we took a personality test to categorize ourselves into our true “color”. The colors, orange, gold, green, and blue correspond to those who are outgoing and fun,  those who are traditional and principled, those who are logical and analytical, and those who are emotional and people-oriented. My strongest category is blue, with gold in second. This is useful to know because as a blue, I value people and relationships, so when working with DSWS, or at my job, I know that I will seek to bring harmony to a situation and I will take into account the individual. I also know that I feel very deeply,  so I need to be attentive to the reality of the situation I am in and not let my emotions cloud my judgement or take things someone may say too personally. I bring compassion and morals to a group- I care for people so that they are able to feel more confident in themselves and thrive- that is how I contribute to the group. I also, however, am pretty balanced amongst the four colors, which allows me to try to understand different situations and adapt to the personality type or types that I am working with.