Leadership is the ability to stand up and show a group the way to succeed in their goals while letting the group benefit, not just the leader. It requires committment and dedication to the members of the group and the cause for which they are working. A good leader does not command and let the group do the work, but guides and shows the group a path to success while letting the group members capitalize on their strengths while strengthening their weaknesses.

Leadership is evident all around me, in peers and personal acquaintances, but I have also seen leadership throughout the many great sports films of our time. Friday Night Lights is a movie that, in particular, has helped shape my team oriented mentality. Coach Gary Gaines is invested and committed to his players. He doesn’t just instruct them, he leads by example, he shows them the way while letting his players walk their own paths. His leadership is evident through his committment to helping his players and other coaches succeed and his willingness to push his team to work harder and go farther than they would when left to their own valition.  He doesn’t let the team settle, but motivates them to strive to be their best as individuals and as a group. And when the group does their best, using their maximum potential as players and people, they are winners regardless of the score on the board.

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