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  Hello there! My name is Madison Tortora (or simply Maddie), and I am currently entering my first year as a student at the Ohio State University. I am studying psychology on a pre-medicine track with a minor in film studies. My career goal is to be a physician with a present interest in becoming a gastroenterologist, clinical psychologist, or a general practitioner with a concentration in sports medicine. I am also involved in the Dunn Sports and Wellness Scholars program because of my enjoyment of both watching and playing sports while being active and social.  My interests in a wide variety of areas stems from a true love of learning and gaining life experiences. Outside of my academics, I can be seen exploring Ohio, hiking, drinking coffee, watching classic cinema, catching the latest Clipper’s game, or any other variety of activities which bestow new life adventures and pleasures.

One of my passions is balancing and maintaining the multiple components of a healthy life, especially that of mental/emotional, spiritual, social, and physical health. These characteristics are, in part, lived out with my involvement in my church and its community, the Sports and Wellness program, and my advocacy for counseling and mental health awareness; I am excited to learn more about the ways to live a healthy, balanced life throughout my career at Ohio State.

Born and raised right here in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, I am a fourth generation Ohio State student and a life-long buckeye. Whether it is cheering at the Shoe on Saturdays, repping my OSU gear in my travels, or just exploring this beautiful campus, full of opportunities, I am in some way always conscious of my connection to the university. Both of my parents graduated with computer science degrees in 1980 and 1982 respectively, and my brother is a current fifth year in a creative writing concentration. Secretly my cat is also an Ohio State fan.  I am honored and extremely eager to continue the family tradition of being a buckeye and look forward to developing personally, academically, and professionally throughout my time here!

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