a picture of me taken by my family in celebration of my graduation from high school
Addison Torrence is a second-year Eminence Fellow at The Ohio State University. Addison is pursuing a bachelor of science in neuroscience and a minor in disability studies. Addison’s education is generously funded by the Eminence Fellows Program and the Jeanne Bonnet McCoy Presidential Scholarship Fund.

Addison is moved to pursue a career as a physician in part due to his own healthcare experiences. His passion is also driven by a desire to confront health and healthcare inequalities and barriers to care-seeking by promoting a collaborative patient-physician dialogue. Addison is always eager to discuss access, inclusion, and justice—in the healthcare context or in any other!

In his free time, Addison enjoys riding the COTA around the city and, although Addison has lived his entire life in Columbus, he still manages to get routinely lost on his excursions. While Addison loves the Ohio State community and campus for many reasons, he especially enjoys meeting its many kind people (and dogs) and exploring its many libraries and buildings!