About Me

Addison Torrence is a first-year student in the Honors College of Arts of Sciences. He is very excited to be pursuing a B.S. degree in Neuroscience and hopes to go to medical school when he graduates. Apart from his interest in medicine, Addison is minoring in Disability Studies. Addison’s education is generously funded through the Eminence Fellows Program and the McCoy Presidential Scholarships Fund. He is very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Eminence Fellows Program and has already met so many accomplished people through the program!

In his free time, Addison enjoys riding the COTA around the city and, although Addison has lived his entire life in Columbus, he still manages to get routinely lost on his excursions. He enjoys campus life for a lot of reasons, but especially because there are so many nice people, it’s dog-friendly, and because there are so many libraries and buildings to explore!