Regular Day in the Classroom

Hey guys! It’s me, Taylor Breehl/Yugovich!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting in on one of the TOPS classes. I met multiple students and was able to participate in the class activities. The day began with a recap of the different social events people had made or were in the process of being made. (Stay tuned and you will be able to see how they did this very soon!)

Then, students discussed the study groups that had been occurring throughout the week. If you are a current TOPS student and would like more information on how to learn about these study groups, click the following link or message the following person.

Towards the middle of class, Mrs. Sheri, helped students review their voting terminology by the means of a Kahoot. Previously, that week, they had a guest speaker come in and discuss information on the voting process so this review was perfect to help refresh their memories while still having some fun. Do you need a refresher on your voting terminology?? Take the Kahoot and find out!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Friday and have a wonderful weekend! I’m going camping! What are your weekend plans? Comment below!

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