It’s Orientation Time!

Nine students are on campus for our Campus Orientation and Transition Assessment (COTA) program. So far, students have done a ton in a few short days. They worked on navigating campus using the Ohio State app on their phones. On a campus this size, navigating will always be a work in progress. Students are eating in one of the university cafeterias and on-campus restaurants. These locations are all-you-can-eat so students have an opportunity to make choices about the food they consume both in type and amount. Today, students rode the campus bus, CABS for the first time. Students have accessed their student accounts and email using their OSU logins. This isn’t always the easiest.

Students have met alumni and current students, as well as a mentor, James. James helped students with the assessments they were completing with the program this week. Students started to think about career potentials but before that how would they learn more about working at Ohio State. Students learned about classes they can take. They were able to make choices about specific classes they were interested in taking.

Students attended the Orientation Resource Fair. This event was very busy and a bit overwhelming. While there students were able to find out about different resources on campus. These resources include dining services, health insurance at OSU, recreational sport, wellness, and so many more.


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