TOPS Staff Spotlight: Meet Ashlee

Where are you from? – Lewis Center, OH

What led you to getting involved with the TOPS program? – I came across the job posting for a Disability Career Specialist with the Nisonger Center back in 2014 and thought it sounded similar to the role I had been doing as a Career Development Coordinator at Embracing Autism. What I loved about the position at OSU is that there is much more to it than just employment – it gives students with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to go to college and participate in so many facets of campus and community life while developing themselves personally and professionally.

What is your job title with the TOPS program? – Disability Career Specialist

What responsibilities do you have with your job? – Anything related to career development! I help students with exploring and determining career goals, interview and workplace readiness, and with learning and maintaining job tasks. I teach Independent Study to our 3rd and 4th year students and we focus on a variety of career development and independent living topics. I also get to learn about diversity and inclusion initiatives for various businesses and departments and create partnerships that allow our students to engage in inclusive career exploration and experiential learning opportunities, internships and employment.

What do you like best about working with TOPS? – Seeing the growth in our students and seeing their independence flourish throughout their time with us!

What are some hobbies/interests that you have? – I love to spend time with my family and friends, read, cook, spend time hiking and in nature, and travel and explore new places.

Any interesting facts about yourself – I studied Psychology at Ohio State, I met my *now*  husband when I was 18 years old, I have double jointed elbows, I have never broken a bone and I had a surgery as a baby that makes it to where I can’t throw up. 

Ashlee with her husband and daughter!

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