Student Spotlight: Meet Quinn Young

Quinn is a freshman in the TOPS program at OSU. He is roommates with fellow first year John Wood, and lives on campus at Pennsylvania Place. He is part of the first class of TOPS students to live on campus!

Quinn has a lot of interest in Zoology, and anything dealing with working with animals. He specifically loves lions.

He currently works at Barks and Rec which is a doggy daycare business. His daily job consists of cleaning up after the dogs, helping feed them, bathing them, and playing ball with them. His favorite part of the job is giving the dogs baths because he is really good at it. He really enjoys working there because the people he works with are really nice.

Quinn’s favorite class that he has taken at OSU so far is his Human Animal Interaction class with Dr. George.

He says so far at OSU he has learned a lot about human health and gaining  independent living skills. He loves being part of a team and getting to know his classmates and teachers better.

 He loves watching movies and his favorite movie is Lion King (specifically the live version). He also likes to do artwork and color. 

Some interesting facts about Quinn are that he grew up on a farm in Colorado and his parents run their own winery. He loves to go to the zoo to see the lion exhibit, as well as the gorillas and elephants. Quinn even got to ride an elephant in Thailand a couple years ago!

Quinn riding an elephant with his younger brother!

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