TOPS Pizza Night Recap (4/16/21)

For TOPS Pizza night that took place on April 16th, TOPS mentors and students were tasked with determining their favorite local pizza place! The decision was between Sicilia’s and Tommy’s pizza, both which have convenient locations that are close to campus. We sampled the cheese pizza from both locations, and we had a nearly unanimous decision in favor of Sicilia’s! It was the group’s verdict that Sicilia’s cheese pizza had an overall better flavor, and many seemed to be in favor of the Sicilian style crust. After some minor research, we found that what sets Sicilian pizza apart is the extra time given for the dough to rise which results in a softer and more flavorful crust!

Some differences between our two pizza’s was that Tommy’s cut their pizza in squares. Now, many may not be in favor of this technique, however an added benefit is the additional pieces that are available. This stands in contrast to Sicilia’s pizza, which is sliced into 8 pieces, no matter the size of pizza that is ordered. Also, as mentioned, Sicilia’s crust was more flavorful compared to the traditional thin crust of Tommy’s pizza. However, in all regards, both pizzas were spectacular! As a final note, because of its location, Sicilia’s pizza may be a pizza place that you have not seen or heard of before. For your reference, Sicilia’s is located just off north campus, on Frambes Ave. just a short walk off of high street. Overall, pizza night was a great time to meet some new people, socialize more with old friends, and try some really great pizza! Thank you for all that attended!

-TOPS mentor Lindsey Overmeyer

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