TOPS Employer Testimonial-BistrOH!

  • Nutrition Services runs the food service operations at the Wexner Medical Center, both retail food service and patient food service as well as clinical nutrition.
  • We have hired 3 Tops student, 2 of them currently still work for us and we have had numerous interns as well.
  • Food service is historically a business that has always had a labor shortage so having TOPS students successfully fill some positions has been a huge value for Nutrition Services.  There are so many different jobs to do in our large operation which makes it is easy for us to find a fit for many TOPS students.  Also, TOPS students have always fit in very well with our team as the other staff members take pride in mentoring them and growing their skill sets to be successful.
  • Paul Kim first came to us as an unpaid TOPS intern, now he is a full time employee and one of our most consistent and reliable team members.  Paul began his internship cleaning tables and stocking condiments but he quickly felt comfortable doing more things.  Now he works in the kitchen assisting the chefs doing all kinds of kitchen prep work including cooking pizza and hot subs.  Paul’s eagerness to learn more tasks and do more has exceeded our expectations.
  • I would tell other employers that I also was unsure about hiring people with disabilities as I had no experience with it and that is understandable.  However, the TOPS program provides so much support you don’t need to have experience and you don’t need to be unsure.  The TOPS program provides on-site trainers, they help with anything and everything including paperwork, schedules….whatever needs to be done.  Helping people with disabilities succeed, learn new skills, and become independent is very rewarding on a personal level as well as good business.

-Chris Basmagy (Assistant Director, Hospital Nutrition Service)

TOPS student Paul Kim making a pizza

TOPS student Timmy Clary preparing bacon

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