Student Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a 1st year student enrolled in the 4-year program with TOPS at OSU.

Her current career interests include Animal Care and Art.

She is currently an intern with Glass Axis in downtown Columbus. Glass axis is an art studio that is dedicated to helping artists, students, and members of the community to create innovative glass artwork. Her job duties include cleaning restrooms, sweeping, organizing, and even occasionally helping out with the glass making process. Elizabeth has had the opportunity to make multiple pieces of glass, including a glass pumpkin! She says glass making is her favorite part of the job.

Elizabeth’s favorite class that she has taken so far is Ceramics. She is very artistic so this class goes right along with her interests and talents. Her favorite animal is an Elephant, and she was able to make an elephant sculpture that also serves as a plant holder in her Ceramics class!

Throughout her first year, she says she has learned a lot from just living on her own and having to navigate around campus. She really enjoys the independence of living in a dorm on campus at OSU. It’s worth noting that Elizabeth is part of the first group of TOPS students to live in the campus dorms!

She loves getting to know more about herself and her interests through the TOPS program. She loves being able to meet new people, have new experiences, and have new surroundings while attending Ohio State.

In her free time, Elizabeth loves going to the zoo and being outside. More specifically, she loves going to the Cleveland Zoo and seeing all the animals. Elizabeth also enjoys building stuff with legos and doing artwork in her free time.

Some fun facts about Elizabeth include that she is a swimmer and has swam in the Special Olympics competitions at OSU. She is also a cancer survivor! Keep up the good work Elizabeth!






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