Meet Mary-Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Student

I am from Canfield, OH.

I am a third-year OTD student, graduating this May 2021!

I love working with the IDD/DD population, and particularly have a heart for increasing the independence and quality of life for individuals who are in stages of transition. The TOPS program fosters each of these areas in students who have graduated from high school and are looking to further their education and add to their resumes and life skills. I find employment incredibly valuable and appreciate that the TOPS program takes the time to place students in settings that they are interested and capable in, but that still encourage growth and edification. Additionally, the TOPS program not only focuses on employment skills, but also addresses everyday life functions and problem-solving which completely align with the vision of occupational therapy. I knew that for my Capstone project I wanted to emphasize increased employability in life skills among this population, and knew that TOPS would be a perfect place to learn about that!

I love to swing dance, play the guitar, bake, spend time in the great outdoors and hang out with friends and family.

I’ve gone sledding down an active volcano, I am the youngest of 5 and the only girl, I raised pigs and cows while I was growing up and I’ve spent 6 weeks in Nicaragua!


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