Student Spotlight: Meet Zach

Zach is a student enrolled in the four-year program with TOPS, and is set to graduate this spring. 

He currently is working with the early childhood program with the Nisonger Center. A normal day consists of doing temperature checks for the kids to make sure that their temperatures aren’t over 100. He also laminates and staples papers together, and does general office type work.

He says it is very fun to interact with the kids and to help them out and get to know them better. He helps kids from infant age to preschool. Sometimes there are a lot of new things that he doesn’t know yet, and he just takes a deep breath and goes with the flow.

Zach has worked many jobs while enrolled in the TOPS program including working with the COSI outreach program to help teach kids science, working at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the PT and OT department, and volunteering at the National Veterans Memorial Museum in downtown Columbus.

His favorite job that he’s worked is his job at COSI, because he got to work with a lot of different people who were all very nice, and he got to do a wide variety of tasks. This included helping kids with science activities, and working in the Dino exhibit to sort out dinosaur skulls. He was also in charge of explaining what the skulls were to the kids.

Zach’s favorite class that he has taken during his time at Ohio State is his History of the Holocaust class. He liked learning about how everything happened and the history behind it. In his free time, Zach loves watching Jeopardy and seeing if he can get all the answers right. He enjoys participating in Special Olympic sports such as basketball and track and field. He also loves learning about historians and other interesting facts on the internet.

Post-graduation, he has plans to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC to learn more about the Holocaust. Zach has a lot of interests, but is most interested in a career in museum education. However, he is still open to a wide variety of jobs and is working to find a job.

A fun fact about Zach is that he can name all 32 NFL stadiums!


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