Trend Setter!

In the early stages of our experience with COVID-19, the TOPS Staff received information from The Ohio State University ADA Office that they were looking to obtain face masks that could be available to staff/students that have a clear panel.  The clear panel can assist communication for individuals that rely on lip reading and facial expressions as well as the opportunity for your communication partner to see your smile!

TOPS student Matt Connors stepped up to the plate and asked if he could make the masks as part of his community service!  Matt researched how to make the masks, obtained all of the materials needed to create and donated 12 masks to the ADA Office last month!

TOPS Student Matt Connors wearing one of his homemade clear-view masks.

Matt wearing one of his clear-view masks.


One thought on “Trend Setter!

  1. Thanks Matt! We thank you for stepping up to the plate to make masks with a clear view of the mouth to aid people who read lips to communicate better. This will keep us all safer! Thanks again! By the way – how much are your masks and how can I purchase 10 of these clear view masks?

    Dr. Izzo

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