Apps for Skill Building

Many students think of summer as a time to take an opportunity to relax from classes and employment responsibilities, but that doesn’t have to be the case. While summer break can be a time of getting extra Vitamin D and rest, it is also important that we continue to engage in activities that will strengthen our independent living, healthy lifestyle, and lifelong-learning skills.

One thing that I know we have learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is the power of technology. We have been able to engage with one another socially, career-wise, and academically through Zoom and other outlets with the single click of a mouse or opening of a phone application. The opportunities that are available for skill development, especially on smart phones, are endless, and I would really like to see students taking the time this summer to explore some applications that might help them to be more independent, responsible young adults.

Here is a link to a compilation of apps that can help develop and maintain positive independent living skills throughout the summer. The apps are categorized by “Occupational Performance,” and include, but are not limited to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Safety and Emergency Maintenance, Leisure, etc. They also include the compatibility of the app and the price, if applicable. There are several wonderful applications on the list that hopefully, will be able to address target needs.

If there are any questions that you might have regarding specific applications or specific areas of need, please reach out to the TOPS staff. As professionals in the disability field, we are constantly being made aware of new technological advances and tools to help support our students.

Take care and hAPPy summer!

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