Pre-Employment Transition Services

In partnership with other programs around the state, TOPS is building a model curriculum to deliver Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). The Pre-ETS curriculum will include five parts: (1) Instruction on Self-Advocacy; (2) Job Exploration Counseling; (3) Counseling on Postsecondary Education Programs; (4) Workplace Readiness Training to Develop Social and Independent Living Skills; and, (5) Work-Based Learning Experiences. Each learning module will include 8-hours of coursework, except for self-advocacy instruction, which will be a 4-hour course. The Pre-ETS curriculum aims to increase career awareness and develop evidence-based skills that improve transition outcomes for students with disabilities. This coursework will enrich our existing programming and services and be available to eligible students at no additional cost. We will keep you posted on our progress as we build the curriculum and apply to become a provider for these specific services this summer. To learn more about Pre-ETS, see OOD’s Students 14+ website:

One thought on “Pre-Employment Transition Services

  1. I’m so excited that Nisonger Center will deliver Pre-ETS to both high school students and existing TOPS students. Teens and young adults need many diverse experiences that high schools, colleges and adult service agencies deliver to identify valid career goals and prepare for employment! Yea TOPS for taking the lead on Pre-ETS!!!

    Margo Izzo

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